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Tim Burgess – I Love The New Sky (Limited Edition Transparent Splatter Vinyl) LP



Released 22nd May 2020.

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Using his work outside of The Charlatans to explore slightly bolder textures and collaborate more freely, Tim Burgess heads in another new direction with his fifth solo record I Love The New Sky. Originating in sessions over ten years ago after a spurt of touring but lying dormant for ages, it was crafted with the help of former Spiritualized player Thighpaulsandra and Grumbling Fur’s Daniel O’Sullivan among others.


1. Empathy For The Devil
2. Sweetheart Mercury
3. Comme D’Habitude
4. Sweet Old Sorry Me
5. The Warhol Me
6. Lucky Creatures
7. The Mall
8. Timothy
9. Only Took A Year
10. I Got This
11. Undertow
12. Laurie